We provide space solutions that can be used for a variety of purposes. All of our units are quickly delivered and installed quickly and economically.

Our customers can use our products in many ways such as:


Public federal and municipal agencies often need to provide personnel with fast, reliable and adaptable space solution that enables them to continue everyday operations with minimal disruption.

When natural disasters strike government agencies need quick solutions to help restore public services and to get important community facilities operational again.

Dueñas Trailers can help your agency meet those needs quickly and economically. Our units can be customized to meet specific needs.

Residential / Moving

Every household needs extra storage at one time or another. Whether you are moving or doing a remodeling project, our economical and easy access space solutions provide that much needed space and flexibility you’re looking for.

We conveniently deliver our units to your doorsteps so you can pack, load and unload at your own pace. Take your time to arrange your home after a remodeling project or declutter your home to lure prospective buyers.

We also provide 24hr secure offsite storage at our facilities.

Commercial & Retail

Whether you need on-site storage of merchandise or long term warehousing, keep perishables frozen, transportation of merchandise, office or retail space, our range of affordable solutions provide adequate space for your commercial and retail operation.

Our units are delivered and installed quickly for immediate use. Flexible in design, these units may also be relocated or reconfigured in the event your needs change to expand, downsize or divide shop or storage areas.

Duenas Trailers delivers fast, flexible and economical space solutions that allow your business operation to meet its needs and achieve their goals.


Today medical facilities are faced with rising healthcare and patient needs. As the demand for medical services are expected to increase over the next decade, so does the growth of new and existing medical facilities.

Our healthcare space solutions enables healthcare providers to provide an efficient staff work area as well as provide an appropriate patient waiting and treatment experience quickly and affordably.

Our units allow you to offer patients comfort while providing your needed space and flexibility for relocation and/or reconfiguration of facilities.

Dueñas Trailers provides the cure for your rising healthcare space needs.


Construction projects demand fast, secure, functional and cost-effective space solutions for the jobsite. Contractors cannot afford any delays in operations as it carries a heavy load on productivity, budget and deadlines.

Get your crew and project up and running fast from the start.

Dueñas Trailers helps you build fully functional jobsite space solutions.


Educational institutions are often faced with changing and growing needs: future expansions, renovations, replacing aging school facilities, limited space, classroom overcrowding and increasing enrollment.

We provide space solutions that allow your institution to attend these needs without losing focus on student education or creating disruption to the learning process. Our products facilitate a fast, flexible and economical portable solution that works within a tight deadline and budget.

Whether you need to add a new classroom or special use building our units can be quickly delivered and installed.

Dueñas Trailers delivers A+ space solutions for your educational needs.