Discover Dueñas Trailer's Game-Changing Modular Complexes!

Dueñas Trailers, a pioneering force in Puerto Rico’s modular complex industry, proudly presents its unrivaled expertise in delivering innovative and cost-effective space solutions. With a track record of success across diverse industries, we have revolutionized the concept of modular trailer complexes, catering to the unique needs of companies seeking larger-scale space solutions. Our Modular Complexes redefine the boundaries of possibilities, providing ideal and flexible spaces that effortlessly adapt to your requirements. Whether you operate in manufacturing, hospitality, healthcare, or any other sector, our expertly designed complexes offer a multitude of benefits, from enhanced efficiency and customization to reduced costs and minimal environmental impact. With Dueñas Trailer’s Modular Complexes, experience a new era of adaptable, forward-thinking space solutions, tailored precisely to meet your organization’s evolving needs. Say goodbye to space limitations and embrace the endless possibilities our modular complexes have to offer.


Dueñas Trailers has been the pioneer in Modular Complexes in Puerto Rico. We have provided modular trailer complexes for companies in nearly every industry. Our Modular Complexes provide ideal, innovative and cost effective space solutions for larger scale space solution needs.

Modular complexes provide a larger and more comfortable space when our standard size units are not large enough. This type of construction meets both temporary and permanent needs and provide for a wide variety of uses.

Our modular buildings are designed and constructed with the highest quality standards and can be customized according to the client needs and specifications. Our customer may also choose from various internal and external esthetic options from single to double doors, carpeting colors to vinyl tiles as well as external siding colors. Our customers also have the option of keeping these units completely open, with internal division, bathrooms and more.

We have the ability to handle modular complex projects of any size and complexity. We ensure that you get the effective, flexible and economical space without the delays usually found in traditional building construction. Modular complex trailers can be reconfigured, relocated and removed as necessary. This added flexibility is not an option when using traditional construction methods.

All of our units are constructed off site and delivered to your installation site, and come with central air conditioning, UV resistant EPDM rubber roofs reducing energy costs and maintaining your buildings cooler and reducing water filtrations. Our units also come with humidity resistant “Advantech’ subflooring reducing bounce and problems caused by humidity such as tile lifting. Our units are constructed with superb materials to ensure a long lasting unit.

Why use a modular office or complex? Modular buildings meet the unique space needs of all sectors while offering much quicker time to occupancy than conventionally construction methods. Production and fabrication tasks occur simultaneously rather than sequentially, so the overall time to project completion is condensed. This results in lower cost and faster occupancy with decreased site disturbance to workers or those around the installation site.