Versatile Applications of Trailers for Every Need

Dueñas Trailers opens up a world of possibilities with their versatile trailers, catering to a wide range of applications and industries. These reliable and robust trailers serve as the backbone for various businesses, enabling seamless transportation and storage solutions. From construction and logistics to events and mobile businesses, the uses for trailers are virtually limitless. For construction companies, trailers offer convenient on-site offices and equipment storage, maximizing efficiency and productivity. In the logistics industry, trailers become essential for transporting goods, ensuring secure and efficient deliveries. Moreover, trailers can be transformed into mobile pop-up shops, food trucks, or exhibition spaces, providing a flexible platform for entrepreneurs and artists to showcase their creativity. With Dueñas Trailers’ expertise in trailer customization and maintenance, clients can explore endless possibilities, leveraging these versatile assets to meet their unique needs and achieve their goals.


  • Our Storage and Road Trailers provide temporary on-site storage of merchandise or long term warehousing for contractors, retailers, manufacturers, schools, hospitals, or any business that needs portable, instant storage.
  • Exclusive Authorized Dealers of Strick Trailers.
  • Available sizes for rent or sale: 20’, 40’, 45’, 48’ & 53’


  • Dock level units
  • Spring ride suspension
  • Rear swing doors
  • Lockable doors
  • Ideal warehouse loading dock-level units make it easy to store slow-moving inventory.
  • Easy, organized movement of materials from one project site to another.


  • Perfect for transport and delivery companies looking to transport customer merchandise.
  • Smart alternative for transferring merchandise from costly shipping liner containers to our cost effective units; avoiding high demurrage costs.
  • Allow large retailers to maximize the efficiency in their back store rooms.
  • Storage of seasonal or surplus merchandise.
  • Trailers can also be modified to be used as housing, medical offices, laboratories, classrooms, retail space, and much more.