Unleash Efficiency and Flexibility with Dueñas Trailer's Versatile Chassis!

Dueñas Trailer introduces its high-performance chassis, expertly engineered to cater to the transportation needs of containers. Our cutting-edge “Container Carriers” offer unrivaled efficiency and flexibility, ensuring seamless handling and delivery of goods across diverse industries. With a range of sizes available for rent or sale, including 20′, 20′ sliding, and 40′, we provide the perfect fit for your container transportation requirements. Additionally, we offer extendible chassis options, including 40′, 45′, and 48′, which can adapt to various sized containers, further enhancing versatility and accommodating specific cargo dimensions. Designed with robust construction and advanced features, Dueñas Trailer’s Container Carriers guarantee optimal stability and durability, even when faced with demanding logistics challenges. Experience the ultimate solution for container transport efficiency with Dueñas Trailer’s reliable and adaptable chassis.


  • Chassis are designed for the transportation of containers.
  • Available sizes for rent or sale: 20’, 20’ sliding and 40’.
  • We also offer 40’, 45’ and 48’ extendible chassis to fit various sized containers.


  • Plug type connectors, sealed wire harnesses and lights.
  • Extendable chassis main frame retracts/extends to different positions to fit various sized containers
  • Units fully extends to rear for loading and unloading
  • Spring suspension