Dueñas Trailer introduces its high-performance chassis, expertly engineered to cater to the transportation needs of containers. Our cutting-edge “Container Carriers” offer unrivaled efficiency and flexibility, ensuring seamless handling and delivery of goods across diverse industries. With a range of sizes available for rent or sale, including 20′, 20′ sliding, and 40′, we provide the perfect fit for your container transportation requirements. Additionally, we offer extendible chassis options, including 40′, 45′, and 48′, which can adapt to various sized containers, further enhancing versatility and accommodating specific cargo dimensions. Designed with robust construction and advanced features, Dueñas Trailer’s Container Carriers guarantee optimal stability and durability, even when faced with demanding logistics challenges. Experience the ultimate solution for container transport efficiency with Dueñas Trailer’s reliable and adaptable chassis.

Modular Complex

Dueñas Trailers, a pioneering force in Puerto Rico’s modular complex industry, proudly presents its unrivaled expertise in delivering innovative and cost-effective space solutions. With a track record of success across diverse industries, we have revolutionized the concept of modular trailer complexes, catering to the unique needs of companies seeking larger-scale space solutions. Our Modular Complexes redefine the boundaries of possibilities, providing ideal and flexible spaces that effortlessly adapt to your requirements. Whether you operate in manufacturing, hospitality, healthcare, or any other sector, our expertly designed complexes offer a multitude of benefits, from enhanced efficiency and customization to reduced costs and minimal environmental impact. With Dueñas Trailer’s Modular Complexes, experience a new era of adaptable, forward-thinking space solutions, tailored precisely to meet your organization’s evolving needs. Say goodbye to space limitations and embrace the endless possibilities our modular complexes have to offer.

Double Wide Office Trailers

Dueñas Trailer proudly presents its revolutionary line of Double Wide Office Trailers, designed to provide spacious and customizable office spaces that surpass the limitations of traditional office trailers. With an emphasis on flexibility and functionality, our modular trailers offer an expansive office environment, enabling your team to thrive and excel. Say goodbye to cramped spaces and embrace the freedom to design your ideal workspace. Our Double Wide Office Trailers offer ample room for collaborative workstations, private offices, conference rooms, and other essential facilities, all tailored to your unique business needs. Whether you require a temporary office space or a long-term solution, our double wide trailers provide a versatile and cost-effective option. Experience the difference in productivity and employee satisfaction as you unlock the potential of Dueñas Trailer’s Double Wide Office Trailers, empowering your team to achieve new heights of success.

Office Trailers

Dueñas Trailer presents its exceptional range of Office Trailers, offering flexible and adaptable office spaces for a wide array of industries and purposes. Whether you require temporary accommodations during construction projects or a cost-effective solution for expanding your office capacity, our Office Trailers are designed to meet your specific needs. With the versatility to serve as temporary or permanent office spaces, our trailers provide a seamless transition for your business operations. Equipped with essential amenities such as workstations, meeting areas, and restrooms, our Office Trailers offer all the comforts of a traditional office environment. Additionally, our trailers can be customized to suit your requirements, ensuring a productive and comfortable workspace that aligns with your brand identity. Experience the convenience and efficiency of Dueñas Trailer’s Office Trailers as they provide a convenient and practical solution for all your office space needs.

Reefer Containers

Discover the ultimate solution for shipping perishable, chilled, or frozen cargo with Reefer Containers from Dueñas Trailers. Engineered to perfection, our refrigerated containers combine the versatility of general-purpose units with the cutting-edge technology of built-in refrigeration systems. These containers ensure that your valuable perishable goods remain impeccably fresh throughout their journey. With precise temperature control and advanced insulation, our Reefer Containers guarantee optimal conditions for a wide range of sensitive products, from fresh produce to pharmaceuticals. Trust in Dueñas Trailers to deliver uncompromised quality and reliability, providing peace of mind as your goods traverse the globe. Experience the perfect blend of functionality and preservation with Reefer Containers by Dueñas Trailers—where excellence meets refrigeration!


At Dueñas Trailers, we are revolutionizing the world of transportation and logistics with our exceptional range of containers and trailers. With an unwavering commitment to quality and innovation, we provide businesses across industries with the perfect solutions to meet their cargo needs. Whether you require robust shipping containers for global trade or versatile trailers for efficient land transport, we have you covered. Our cutting-edge designs and superior craftsmanship ensure that your goods are securely housed, protected from the elements, and ready to embark on a seamless journey. Experience the remarkable reliability and unmatched durability of Dueñas Trailers as we empower you to unlock endless possibilities in the realm of containerized transport. Join us today and embrace the future of logistics!


We provide space solutions that can be used for a variety of purposes. All of our units are quickly delivered and installed quickly and economically.

Our customers can use our products in many ways such as:


Public federal and municipal agencies often need to provide personnel with fast, reliable and adaptable space solution that enables them to continue everyday operations with minimal disruption.

When natural disasters strike government agencies need quick solutions to help restore public services and to get important community facilities operational again.

Dueñas Trailers can help your agency meet those needs quickly and economically. Our units can be customized to meet specific needs.

Residential / Moving

Every household needs extra storage at one time or another. Whether you are moving or doing a remodeling project, our economical and easy access space solutions provide that much needed space and flexibility you’re looking for.

We conveniently deliver our units to your doorsteps so you can pack, load and unload at your own pace. Take your time to arrange your home after a remodeling project or declutter your home to lure prospective buyers.

We also provide 24hr secure offsite storage at our facilities.

Commercial & Retail

Whether you need on-site storage of merchandise or long term warehousing, keep perishables frozen, transportation of merchandise, office or retail space, our range of affordable solutions provide adequate space for your commercial and retail operation.

Our units are delivered and installed quickly for immediate use. Flexible in design, these units may also be relocated or reconfigured in the event your needs change to expand, downsize or divide shop or storage areas.

Duenas Trailers delivers fast, flexible and economical space solutions that allow your business operation to meet its needs and achieve their goals.